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Kremlin House Stables

Kremlin House Stables is based in the heart of Newmarket with easy access to some of the world’s best training facilities. It is a short walk to the extensive Racecourse Side gallops and to the historic Limekilns and Al Bahathri gallops located at the east edge of the town. Every gallop is rigorously maintained to the highest standard by Jockey Club Estates and are available to use 365 days of the year.


There are 92 stables at Kremlin - a number of the stables are fitted with ‘heat lamps’ which help individuals acclimatise to warmer temperatures and to maintain their shiny summer coats.

Kremlin boasts a large three-acre paddock which is perfect for letting horses relax with a pick of grass or a short turn out in one of the turn-out pens. Horses will also be introduced to the starting stalls in this paddock and it is where many of the yearlings are first ridden.

Horse walkers

Kremlin has two horse walkers which are a vital tool for the modern training yard. They are used to warm up horses before exercise and for horses in rehabilitation.

Indoor ride

The 200m indoor ride is fitted with modern polytrack and is where the horses assemble before heading to the heath for exercise.  It is a great facility in the winter when the weather is at its worse.

Lunge Pit

The lunge pit is also fitted with polytrack and are used mainly from October to December. Lunging in a process used to break yearlings in before they are ridden away.
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