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Tom Clover Racing offers a wide-range of ownership opportunities to cater for anyone who is interested in becoming part of our young and ambitious team.

These include:

SOLE OWNERSHIP: Only one owner.

RACING PARTNERSHIPS: A great way of getting involved in racehorse ownership especially if it is with a group of friends. A Partnership can involve up to 20 people with only two needing to register with the BHA as owners.

SYNDICATES: Often involves a large group of people and a ‘manager’ is employed to keep syndicate members informed and up to date on their horses. Syndicates are often the least expensive way of owning a racehorse.

LEASING: Leasing a horse provides people with a chance of owning a horse without paying for the initial outlay of buying or breeding it. Often breeders retain well-bred fillies in order to have them as a broodmare but are willing to ‘lease’ it to a group of people for the duration of it’s racing career.